Telephone Fees

This module is a general guideline on billing Specialist Telephone fees.  For greater details, please refer to section 42 in the Medical Services Commission Payment Schedule.

Specialist Telephone fees are billable by BC Specialist Physicians who are a certificant or fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.  Fee items G10001 and G10002 have their own unique requirements in addition to the requirements that are applicable to both.
G10001 - Specialist Telephone Advice - Initiated by a Specialist or General
                Practitioner, Response within 2 hours

  • Conversation must take place within two hours of the initiating physician’s request. Not payable for written communication (e.g. fax, letter, e-mail).
  • Limited to one claim per patient per physician per day.

G10002 - Specialist Telephone Patient Management - Initiated by a Specialist,
                General Practitioner, or Allied Care Provider, Response in one week - per
                15 minutes or portion thereof

  • Conversation must take place within 7 days of initiating physician or allied care provider’s request. Initiation may be by phone or referral letter.
  • If conversation is with an allied care provider, include a note record specifying the type of provider.
  • Include start and end times in the patient’s chart and time fields when submitting claim.
  • Limited to two services per patient per physician per week.

The following notes apply to both G10001 and G10002:

  • Payable to Specialist Physicians for two-way telephone communication (including other forms of electronic verbal communication) regarding assessment and management of a patient but without the consulting physicians seeing the patient.
  • Includes discussion of pertinent family/patient history, history of presenting complaint, and discussion of the patient’s condition and management about reviewing laboratory and other data where indicated.
  • A chart entry, including advice given and to whom, is required.
  • Not payable for situations where the purpose of the call is to:

      (a)   book an appointment
                  (b)   arrange for transfer of care that occurs within 24 hrs
                  (c)   arrange for an expedited consultation or procedure within 24 hrs
                  (d)   arrange for laboratory or diagnostic investigations
                  (e)   inform the referring physician of results of diagnostic investigations
                  (f)    arrange a hospital bed for the patient

  • Out-of-Office Hours Premiums and Rural Retention Premiums may not be claimed in addition.
  • Not payable to physician initiating call.
  • Not payable in addition to another service on the same day, for the same patient by same practitioner.
  • No claim may be made where communication is with a proxy for the consultant physician (e.g. nurse or assistant).
  • Cannot be billed simultaneously with salary, sessional, or service contract arrangements.

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