Test your knowledge about...

Multiple Insurers

This short self-quiz will test your understanding of MSP billing policies and procedures for multiple insurers.

Question 1

When a patient presents with multiple conditions, and each is the responsibility of a different insurer, how many visits may be billed?

  (a) A visit may be billed to each insurer.
  (b) Only one visit may be billed.

Question 2

A patient presents with:

  • Skin rash (20% of visit)
  • Bruised knee from motor vehicle accident (50% of visit)
  • Work-related wrist injury (30% of visit)

Indicate which insurer(s) should be billed for a visit fee in the following example:

  (a) ICBC
  (b) WCB
  (c) MSP
  (d) All of the above.