Complete List of Modules

The following modules are currently under review and will be updated in the near future.

Maternity Care
•  Prenatal Visits (June 2018)

Multiple and Duplicate Services
•  Multiple Visits/Same Day (July 2018)
•  Procedure and Visit on the Same Day (July 2018)
•  Multiple Diagnostic and Selected Therapeutic Services (June 2018)
•  Multiple Insurers
•  Multiple Laboratory Services (July 2018)
•  Multiple Surgery
•  Billing for Family Members During the Same Visit (October 2018)

Out-of-Office Hours Premiums and Emergency Visits
•  Introduction: Out-of-Office Hours Premiums and Emergency Visits (December 2019)
•  Non-operative Continuing Care Surcharges (April 2020)
•  Continuing Care from Previous Patient (March 2020)
•  Out-of-Office Hours Premiums and Delivery (July 2018)
•  Surgical Surcharges
•  Services Provided in the Emergency Room (April 2020)
•  Fee Item 00081-00082: Emergency Care & Monitoring of Critically Ill Patient (October 2018)
•  Fee Item 00083: Crisis Intervention (July 2018)
•  Fee Item 00084: Accompanying Patients to a Distant Hospital (July 2018)

Specialist Services Committee
•   Specialist Group Medical Visits (April 2020)
•   Telephone Fees (Added November 2013)
•   Surgical Assistance Fees (Added November 2013)

Related Committees

The following committees provide guidance and recommendations to the Medical Services Commission regarding MSP-billable services.

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