Learn About Claims Billing

MSP Tutor has been developed to assist physicians and medical office staff in understanding how to correctly bill claims for medical services to MSP. We hope that by using this self-directed learning site, the claims you submit to MSP will be processed and paid accurately and quickly.

Each module contains important information for billing specific services to MSP. You can read the information and test your knowledge by taking the self-evaluation quiz found at the end of each module.

If you have questions or require assistance, please contact Health Insurance BC at
1 866 456-6950 or from Vancouver 604 456-6950.

How to Use the Tutorials

Step 1:
Please go to Complete List of Tutorial Modules and click on the topic you wish to review.

Step 2:
After reading the information on the topic, click the take quiz button to test your knowledge.

Step 3:
To complete the quiz, click on the button beside your chosen answer. When you have answered all the questions, click Submit Answers to get your results.

Step 4:
Review your results. The correct answers will be provided for your review.

Related Committees

The following committees provide guidance and recommendations to the Medical Services Commission regarding MSP-billable services.

Disclaimer: MSP Tutor is intended to provide a guide for physicians and medical office assistants in billing claims to MSP. For definitive information on fee-for-service billing codes and amounts, consult the current MSC Payment Schedule. If a discrepancy exists between the information contained in MSP Tutor and the MSC Payment Schedule, the information in the Payment Schedule will prevail.